Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Wish No. 7...

"Some of us (perfectionists, especially) fuss so much over making the "right" choice, but in life all that's really needed is to make any "good" choice...believe in it, go through with it, and accept the consequences." ~unknown

I admit I've been guilty of trying to find that "perfect" gift for a loved one...I've obsessed about it and even stood in line for what I thought was it. There's no denying that it's a great feeling to give someone that special gift that you know they really want, but often that item winds up sitting in a closet or in drawer a month later. In our minds we all know that the perfect present isn't something tangible that comes wrapped in pretty paper and tied with a big bow...it's about showing our family & friends just how much we love them. The best way to do that is to give them the gift of time.
If you know someone that's a new mom, volunteer to come over and sit with the baby while she takes a long shower or bath (or takes a nap)...if it's an elderly relative offer to pick some things up at the grocery store for them...if it's a child arrange a time to sit down and play a game with him...if it's a friend make plans to go take a walk together every week... if it's your significant other offer to give them a backrub after a long day of work. This way you're giving a gift that truly means something and will make someone else happy...and what can be more perfect than that!


  1. Your quotes are just wonderful - do you have a place you go for them? Each one is such a treasure to go with your photos.
    Jean from Y&T at BPS - this time I commented with a different profile chosen. I was not able to comment with the Google account choice, BTW.

  2. Hi again...thanks for helping out! For my quotes I usually just Google the topic and the word "quote". Thinkexist.com, quotegarden.com & brainyquote.com seem to have some good quotes. I also have a stack of books that have inspirational quotes in them that I use.


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