Sunday, August 8, 2010

The ABC's of Life...P is for Perserverance

"My motto was always to 'Keep Swinging'. Whether I was in a slump, or feeling badly, or having trouble off the field, the only thing to do was keep swinging."
~Hank Aaron

"Never let the fear of striking out get in your way." ~Babe Ruth

"Never let your head hang down. Never give up and grieve. Find another way. And don't pray when it rains, if you don't pray when the sun shines." ~Leroy Paige

"If you believe in yourself, have dedication & pride and never quit, you'll be a winner. The price of victory is high, but so are the rewards." ~Paul "Bear" Bryant

"Run when you can, walk when you have to, crawl if you must...just never give up."
~Dean Karnages

Although the quotes may (at first glance) be about baseball or football, I think that they are really about life. No matter whether you're swinging for the fence or trying to make your dreams come true, never give up. Keep trying to achieve your your best and learn from your mistakes. When you're faced with an obstacle in your path, find a way around it. If you get knocked down pick yourself up and try it a different way. Don't quit. Be motivated. Be committed. Be dedicated. Take risks. Believe in yourself. Get it done.


  1. oh- great quotes! you are great about finding just the right ones!

  2. Kerri...thanks:) I love collecting quotes!

  3. I have been doing some quote-collecting too. There is so much great wisdom out there - we may as well share it. You are definitely doing your part!


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