Thursday, January 13, 2011

December ABC's...O is for Ornament

Ornament \Or"na*ment\ n: That which embellishes or adorns; that which adds grace or beauty.

We have many different types of Christmas ornaments on our trees...fancy Christopher Radko decorations and a collection of the official White House ornaments. We have many from our travels (from California to Bermuda and places in between). We have ornaments that represent things that we baseball and horses and photography. But the decorations that mean the most to me are the ones that were handmade by the kids when they were little. The ornaments that they put glue and glitter on...that they molded and painted...that has the kids cute pre-school pictures on them. Those are the most beautiful and valuable of them all.


  1. These are such sweet little ornaments Dawn! Love your Dec. ABC's! happy New year my friend!

  2. Ah, memories. I have that snowman cookie cutter, it's my mom's..she had it from before I was born. We used to make these ornaments when I was a kid.


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