Wednesday, January 2, 2013

With gratitude to 2012...

"How easy and simple it is to live enjoyable when the simple, interminable blue of the sky, with its long wisps of white clouds, become a pleasant thing to behold, a thing of beauty that thrills you every time you care to look skyward."  ~John Schindler

Before I officially welcome in the new year, I want to take some time to say "thank you" to 2012.  Over the next couple of days I want to celebrate some of the joy and wonder that I found scattered throughout the past year.  One of the first things that I want to celebrate & remember is something that we see every day...the sky.  In 2012 the sky never ceased to amaze me.  Whether it was a clear blue sky, or a gorgeous sunset filled with clouds of pinks and oranges...the sky was truly a sight to behold.  It was a masterpiece.

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