Tuesday, April 20, 2010

50 things...no 11

"Words are the voice of the heart." ~Confucious

The 3M company just celebrated the 30th anniversary of the Post-it note...and I believe that there are only a handful of times in the 30 years that I haven't written something down on a post-it. You can tell the story of our lives by the trail of post-it notes scattered around our house...and it's also the evidence of our love for each other.

If there's a school delay due to snow, I'll leave a little note by the side of the kid's beds (so they can go right back to sleep).

Since my hubby leaves for work very (very) early he'll leave good-luck notes for the kids.

There is a stack of scorecards from the time when my son & I would play basketball in his room...we would play just about every day (as you can see, I didn't fare too well). We have since moved on to ping-pong...where I can hold my own!

I still have the surprise message that I found on the inside of our pantry door from my Mom.

There are also some that just have "hi" or "miss you" or "love you" jotted down on them...and others that say "hope you feel better." Of course there are the typical "to-do" and reminder notes...as I'm typing this there is a post-it that has "sign up for new yoga class" written on it (which I'll do as soon as I finish this blog post)! Thank you to 3M and to the post-it note...they help me remember many things, but mostly they remind me of just how lucky I am.

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  1. Hi Dawn,
    Saw your name on Jana's new blog and thought I would pop in and say howdy. Hope you remember me from the Sprague Playground...Catherine aka Cutler.
    I have been doing lots of paper and altered art of late. Not much in the way of digi layouts but am so appreciative of the skills I learned in Jesssica's classes. Edit my photos lots...
    Your blog is wonderful and enjoyed today's post.



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