Tuesday, February 1, 2011

December ABC's...W is for Wise Men.

"The star of Bethlehem was a star of hope that led the wise men to the fulfillment of their expectations, the success of their expedition. Nothing in this world is more fundamental for success in life than hope, and this star pointed to our only source for true hope..." ~D. James Kennedy

The wise men were hoping to find a baby in a manger.

We hope to find all kinds of things under the tree for Christmas...things like new toys or new clothes or giftcards or the latest and greatest new gadget. This year I'm hoping for something different for you and for me...things like more love & laughter in life (because you can never have too much love and laughter). Things like more patience and kindness. Things like peace and joy....and safe travels and good health for you and your family.

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