Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Two word Tuesday...Begin now.

"The future is always beginning now." ~Mark Strand

"From small beginnings come great things." ~Proverb

"The beginning is always the most important past of the work." ~Plato

"Do not wait until the conditions are perfect to being. Beginning makes the conditions perfect." ~Alan Cohen

To me the start of a new year isn't really January 1st...it's that day in September when the kids go back to school. It's the time to start fresh...with newly sharpened pencils and a blank notebook.
It's time to get organized (I do more "spring" cleaning and organizing at this time of the year, than in the Spring). It's time to get back to a regular exercise routine (my summer exercise consisted mostly of leisurely bike rides in the neighborhood). It's time to stop procrastinating and to just start!


  1. Hi ive beeen following your blog for a while just wanted to tell you that I awarded you for liebster blog award - check it out www.entrylevelwife.com :)

  2. Wow...thanks so much! You made my day :)


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